Ervamatin Skin Clear

The Ervamatin Skin Clear is the most efficient product developed and tested by dermatologists for the treatment of acne. The product has also been proven to be an effective treatment for women who suffer from melasma (Melasma or chloasma is a brownish discoloration of the face that occurs most often in women. Men can also develop this problem. The brown color often fades in winter and gets worse in the summer)
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People around the world suffer from acne-related problems, though this is normal it also causes embarrassment, especially among young people who are usually the main victims of this epidermal disease. We found a natural way to treat this epidermal disease better known as acne and pimples. In new research conducted about Propionibacterium acnes (the infectious agent commonly involved in this epidermal disease), it was noticed that, when combined with natural agents extracted from plants found in the Amazon Rain Forests, the proliferation of microorganisms that caused these inflammations (acne and pimples) was greatly inhibited.

Pharmaceutics and doctors who had sound knowledge and experience of plants and their many healing properties conducted these studies. After a large number of scientific studies of plants involved the Biotechnologists from the Over Group formulated the ERVAMATIN SKIN CLEAR.

The Skin Clear is a gel with phytobotanic actives. It has in its composition natural therapeutic plant extracts from the Amazon rainforests. The Ervamatin skin Clear has a fast absorption base that penetrates and acts immediately on the skin. The Ervamatin Skin Clear prevents infections and/or inflammations on the skin and also helps in regenerating damaged epidermal cells. The Ervamatin Skin Clear is natural, non-toxic, and can be used on sensitive skin with no side effects.

 What's Acne

Acne is a genetic disease, which is related to the secretion of sexual hormones. The lesions start to show up during puberty when hormones start to be produced by the organism afflicting most young people. The disease is not confined to adolescents only; it can also affect adults, especially women.

The manifestation of the disease occurs because of the increase in sebaceous secretions associated with the narrowing and obstruction of the follicle canal in the skin. The problem originates as open acne (black) and closed acne (white). These conditions are favorable to the proliferation of the microorganisms that cause inflammation. Propionibacterium acnes is the most common agent involved in these types of infections.


The disease manifests itself mainly on the face and body, especially in areas with lots of sebaceous glandules. The symptoms vary from person to person but in most cases, it varies from low to medium intensity. In some cases, it can be very intense, like conglobate acne and queloideano acne (the acne that turns into a scar after the healing of the inflammation)

Clinically acne can be divided into four stages:

First: Only blackheads, without inflamed lesions (pimples)

Second: Little blackheads and pimples, with little inflamed lesions and little yellow spots of pus.

Third: Blackheads. These are small pimples from small to medium in size and are much deeper and painful causing redness with inflamed lesions.

Fourth: Blackheads, pimples, and big lesions that are inflamed with an ugly feature.

Acne must be treated during its initial stages to avoid scars on the skin thus avoiding emotional disturbances to the individual. This is especially true in young people whose self-esteem is assailed by Acne.


In the beginning, 900 people were selected for this project, according to the intensity of the cutaneous infections. Color of the skin, age, and sex were not made a criterion for the study. During the study, all the patients were found to have achieved a significant improvement in their condition in 3 days. All the patients were treated with natural therapy, which was the main objective of the research. No chemical products were used. Ervamatin Skin Clear was used daily 4 or 5 times a day on all the patients. After 5 days, the following results were observed:

     well: 140 patents(22%)
     much better: 340 patients (53%)
     better: 120 patients (19%)
     few changes: 40 patients (4%)
     no change : 0 patients (0%)
     got worse: 0 patients (0%)

The Ervamatin Skin Clear's test of aptness, sensitiveness, and irritation showed positive results in all the people, rejecting the possibility of irritation. There was also an improvement in the following conditions: excessive oiliness of the skin, facial sweat, infections, and inflammation lesions. Dark spots on the skin were also cleared and in some cases, they disappeared.

Acne must be treated during its initial stages to avoid scars on the skin thus avoiding emotional disturbances to the individual. This is especially true in young people whose self-esteem is assailed by Acne.


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Skin Clear Testimonies

"I have always had a lot of pimples on my face and my skin too used to be oily. Despite washing my face regularly and trying a whole lot of medication my pimples, it would not go away. Then my friend told me to try Skin Clear, the new anti-acne gel I already knew about the company due to other reputed products like the Ervamatin Lotion and Ervamatin Shampoo being manufactured by them. Today I have clear skin and all my friends compliment me for my looks. I think back and see how much I was affected by this problem of pimples and I am sure I will never have to go through that again. I know about the Ervamatin Skin Clear Anti Acne now!!"

P.M.F. - SP


"I began to lose my confidence as I used to think that I was ugly because of the pimples I had on my face. I have always had a lot of pimples, but at the end of last year, it got worse. I talked to a friend of mine who is employed with a pharmaceutical company and he recommended that I try the Ervamatin Skin Clear I purchased the product and I have not regretted my decision since. I am extremely happy with the new clear look that I have got!!"

M.K.O. - RS


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